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We are pleased to offer the following workshops. They will be held at Iran Telecom Research Center.

7 Dec 2010

  No.   Workshop Title   Workshop ID      Time      Presenter     Affiliation  
1. Optical broadband access & transmission networks and new services IST2010_w1 8.30-12 HamidReza Akhavan Mokhtarani
Morteza Hadad zadeh
2. Next Generation Voice over IP IST2010_w2 14-17.30 Hasan Yeganeh ITRC (IRAN)
3. Complex Networks and their Applications IST2010_w3 14-17.30 HamidReza Rabiee
Mostafa Salehi
Sharif University of Technology (IRAN)
4. Future Intelligent Transportation System IST2010_w4 8-12 Mehrdad Norani Texas Uni. (USA)
5. Network Core Infrastructure Protection IST2010_w5 14-17.30 Amir Behgooy Kavosh Co. (IRAN)
6. What are the promising technologies for the design of next generation cellular phones? IST2010_w11 8-12 Nader Bagher zadeh UCI Uni. (USA)
7. New Methods and Techniques in Malware Detection IST2010_w7 14-17.30 Ashkan Sami Shiraz Uni. (IRAN)
8. SIP security on both centralized and P2P architecture: State of the art and Open Research Issues IST2010_w8 8-12 Ernesto Damiani Italy
9. Body-centric communication and cognitive radio IST2010_w9 8-12 Peter S. Hall England

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